Because @Aplusk Wants to Know Where to Get the Best Darn Pizza, Too

all know that Yelp is the place to get the 411 on local businesses
whether it’s a dog groomer, mechanic or
even a creme brulee cart. But, it’s time we let everyone else in on the
secret. Including Ashton. And your Mom.

As the bonafide social media addict here at Yelp, it’s with great
pleasure that I get to announce – you guessed it – a new feature that
lets you share your Yelp reviews with Facebook Connect and Twitter.
Many of you have been using a variety of social media platforms to
further share your Yelp reviews of local businesses. Today we’re making
that process much easier by presenting Yelpers with the option to
seamlessly broadcast their Yelp reviews.

It’s a one-time
sign-up process. Upon completing a review you will be presented with
the option to choose whether you would also like to distribute it via
Facebook Connect, Twitter or both. Simply fill in your log-in details
and you’re done!


While the
log-in process only occurs once, moving forward, you will always be
presented with the option of whether or not you want to share your
review to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, respectively. Additionally,
any photos you upload to will also be included when sharing
reviews for that business via Facebook Connect.

You always
have full control of what reviews you do or do not want to
share via these other platforms. So don’t worry, we totally understand
why you may choose to share your review on the great, new speakeasy
down the
street but not the one about the strip tease work out class you’re
partaking in with your girlfriends (ahem). So what are you waiting for? Start
sharing and get connected to more
Yelpers around the web – including me @cckarl!