Ho, Ho, Ho! Yelp for Android Updates!

Just two short weeks ago we launched our first Yelp for Android application. Along with that, we promised that we’d have additional updates for this application VERY soon. I’m a man who keeps his word, so today I’m happy to announce that you can now enjoy the first of many new Yelp features on your Droid:

  • Log-ins: The ability to log-in to your Yelp profile via Android.
  • Upload photos: Take and upload photos with your handset to – which has already proved very popular with the iPhone.
  • Share business information: You’ll be able to share business information with friends via SMS, email, Facebook, and any other features on your phone that are capable of receiving and sending that information.


Now before you start emailing, Facebooking and Tweeting me, more features are on their way – not just for Android, but for other devices, as well (I promise!). In the meantime, we here at Yelp wish everyone “Happy Holidays” and look forward to Yelping with you in 2010!