New Businesses in Your Hood? Check Yelp’s Homepage!

Hey yelpers! You may have noticed something a little different on Yelp’s homepage:

What is it? It’s a new feature we’re super excited about — especially because yelpers and business owners have been asking to have this for some time: the ability to see the brand-spanking-newest restaurants and bars in your neighborhood!

Replacing Hot on Yelp, Hot New Businesses provides consumers with a more accurate snapshot of what is new and cool in their hood.

How does it work? MAGIC.

Well, not quite. There’s a three-pronged approach to how businesses make it on to Hot New Businesses:

First, when adding a new business to Yelp, that user has the option to also select a field that says "New Business" along with the opening date: this gives us a pretty good inclination that, well, it's a new business.

Second, we've created an algorithm that combs, as well as our mobile apps, for a variety of key attributes and phrases such as "just opened", initial check-ins, and photos, among other points of reference.

Finally, we have our mighty Community Management team that is 77+ cities strong and will help comb through the list to ensure these businesses are indeed recent additions.

As new businesses get added, the list will automatically update itself. If you like it, let us know and we'll bring this feature to our mobile applications just as soon as we can!