This Year’s “Most Romantic Yelp City in the World” is…

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s that time of year where Cupid descends and romance is in the air: Valentine’s Day!

Leading up to and on February 14th, we see searches surge for all things romantic on Yelp. In fact, you may remember this post from last year where we crowned Tacoma, Washington as “The Most Romantic City on Yelp” based on “romantic-type” queries and some number-crunching.

Well, it looks like Cupid has flown the coop and descended on a new city of love. How do we know? Our team of love-struck engineers took a look at our search data from 2011 and found a list of search queries that suddenly “pop” in February. These include terms you may expect like “french food,” “ocean views,” “lingerie,” “dinner & movie,” “chocolate covered strawberries,” but also some surprises like “cheap flowers” and, er, “sex shops.” (Hey, to each his own!)

Then what? We look at which cities search for these romantic terms the most the week before and during Valentine’s Day. To make sure the numbers are accurately reflected we did two things:

  • Each city must have a total of at least 100 searches to qualify;
  • Like last year, we used the Wilson Score of Proportion to calculate. Why don’t we just count up the number of romantic searches by city and order by that count? Well, that wouldn’t be very fair as our biggest Yelp communities like San Francisco and New York have a much larger number of absolute searches. The Wilson Score gives us a much clearer and fairer picture of just which cities have set their hearts on matters of the, well, heart!
But we’re not here to talk about numbers, we’re here to talk about LOVE! Without further ado, the “Most Romantic City on Yelp” is…

Surprised? Behind the Jersey-stereotypes, these Guidos and Guidettes have a romantic streak and aren’t shy about treating their current smushes to a nice steak dinner or back rub — in addition to gym, tanning and laundry, of course. Or maybe it was just because of Snookin’ for Love? I guess we’ll never know.