San Antonio: Yelp Travels Thai Edition!


We might not have been able to travel around the world to Thailand yet we were able to at least experience some authentic Thai food. We were lucky enough to visit Thai Topaz at their Castle Hills location for an amazing night of multiple entrees, authentic Thai beer, and more!


This family owned restaurant has offered signature family recipes to the citizens of San Antonio for a few years now. From freshly made spring rolls made daily to their infamous Spicy Mango Delight; guests were amazed by the spices and flavors of each dish.


Some of the signature dishes Yelpers were able to enjoy were:

-Spicy Mango Delight
-Thai Chicken Wings
-Red Curry Mussels
-Pork Skewers
-Spring Rolls
-Herbal Teas

By the end of the night we were guessing their signature ice cream flavors and the lucky winner won a gift certificate for the restaurant! It wasn’t an easy task but a handful of yelpers managed to guess every flavor including Guacamole.


It was an event everyone enjoyed and, as always, a special thank you to our host, Thai Topaz for their amazing hospitality! Don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews here and photos by Noah Acevedo here.

Special Thank You to our amazing sponsor, Thai Topaz! Yelp | Website