Haunted Houses on Yelp: 25 Spooky Local Spots

In preparation for the most haunted day of the year, we recently worked with BuzzFeed to round up the best haunted houses and mazes across the US. This list of 25 spooky spots is sure to give you a scare. Just reading some of the reviews gives us goosebumps. If you’re brave enough to visit any, make sure to write a review and share your scariest moments with us on Twitter @Yelp. ?

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Didn’t see a business in your city on this list? We have a whole category for Haunted Houses, so check Yelp for a spooky attraction near you and be prepared to scream. Happy Halloween!

Jack and Jill’s Haunted Hill — Phoenix, Arizona

Photo by Jack & Jill. via Yelp

Read Kelly R.‘s review of Jack And Jills Haunted Hill on Yelp

The Backwoods Maze — Burbank, California

Scary Spooky Creepy Halloween Yelp Monster
Photo by Nicky N. via Yelp

Savage House — San Diego, California

Scary Spooky Yelp Halloween
Photo by Savage House. via Yelp

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Trail of Terror — Walingford, Connecticut

Halloween Scary Spooky Yelp
Photo by Trail of Terror. via Yelp

The Shallow Grave — Winter Haven, Florida

Spooky Creepy Halloween Yelp Clown
Photo by Jude B. via Yelp

Scream-A-Geddon — Dade City, Florida

Scary Spooky Halloween Doll Yelp Creepy
Photo by Kimberly A. via Yelp

Netherworld Haunted House — Norcross, Georgia

Scary Spooky Halloween Yelp Skeleton Dead
Photo by Netherworld Haunted House. via Yelp

Basement of the Dead — Aurora, Illinois

Scary Spooky Halloween Yelp
Photo by Todd B. via Yelp

Saint Pascal’s Haunted House — Chicago, Illinois

Scary Spooky Clown Yelp Halloween
Photo by Todd B. via Yelp

The 13th Gate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Halloween Spooky Yelp Bloody Doctor Scary
Photo by Beau R. via Yelp

The Terrorfied Forest and Manor — Pinckney, Michigan

Halloween Yelp Ghost
Photo by Crystal F. via Yelp

Erebus Haunted House — Pontiac, Michigan

Scary Spooky Halloween Yelp
Photo by Erebus Haunted House. via Yelp

The Dead-End Hayride — Wyoming, Minnesota

Spooky Scary Halloween Yelp
Photo by Jim L. via Yelp

Haunted Forest at Panic Point — Youngsville, North Carolina

Skeleton Halloween Spooky Scary Yelp
Photo by Haunted Forest at Panic Point. via Yelp

Bane Haunted House — Livingston, New Jersey

Scary Spooky Halloween Yelp
Photo by Bane Haunted House. via Yelp

Asylum and Hotel Fear — Las Vegas, Nevada

Spooky Halloween Blood Scary Yelp
Photo by Rich S. via Yelp

Darkside Haunted House — Wading River, New York

Spooky Halloween Blood Yelp Scary
Photo by Darkside Haunted House. via Yelp

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse — Bellport, New York

Yelp Halloween Spooky Scary
Photo by Dom R. via Yelp

Field of Screams — Mountville, Pennsylvania

Halloween Yelp Spooky Scary Clowns Yelp
Photo by Field of Screams. via Yelp

Fright Factory — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spooky Halloween Blood Yelp
Photo by Krystal H. via Yelp

Dark Hour Haunted House — Plano, Texas

Spooky Yelp Halloween skeleton
Photo by Shams B. via Yelp

Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park — Smithville, Texas

Spooky Halloween Yelp
Photo by Norm G. via Yelp

Shocktober — Leesburg, Virginia

Spooky Halloween Yelp
Photo by Albert M. via Yelp

Fright Factory — Buckley, Washington

Spooky Halloween Yelp
Photo by Alicia P. via Yelp

KUBE 93 Haunted House — Seattle, Washington

Spooky Halloween Scary Yelp Witch
Photo by Kelsey S. via Yelp