The Most Requested Beauty Service in Every State

Last year, we introduced a product called Request A Quote, allowing consumers to send messages to businesses in the Home and Local Services Categories and get back quote estimates on everything from leaky faucets to home renovations. We then extended the feature to the Health and Beauty space, including businesses like hair salons, day spas, tattoo parlors, and more.

Since then, Yelpers have sent thousands of messages to businesses, with the volume of requests growing by 50% in the second quarter of this year from the first quarter.

Now that Request an Appointment has been available for a year, we wondered how these appointment requests vary by state or region of the country. To surface trends, we looked at the types of beauty businesses that receive requests for appointments in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., to find the type that was most disproportionately popular among Yelp users in each state compared to the U.S. overall. Sample sizes in some states were small, as only the business receiving the original message in a batch request was counted.

Turns out, interest in nail salons varies a lot by region: They show up as the most disproportionately popular type of beauty business for appointment requests in the most states. Nevada is the only state where tattoo appointments lead in disproportionate popularity, and Californians are the only state that prioritizes their complexion more relative to any other category than national averages, with skincare businesses leading in appointment request disproportionate popularity. Arizona and Alaska also top the charts in disproportionate popularity of tanning salon appointment requests, presumably because they represent the two temperature extremes where it’s pretty unpleasant to be outside to get your tan on.

Check out this map to see which beauty service was most disproportionately popular in every state.

Whether you need a plumber for an overflowing toilet, or something slightly more enjoyable, like a massage or manicure, Yelp’s got your back.

Hannah Cheesman and Rachel Youngblade contributed to this blog post.

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