Community Is…

With Thanksgiving just behind us and Elite 2018 re-nominations kicking off once again, we are reminded how special Elites and the Community at-large are to Yelp across North America. Community is the heart of Yelp and our Community Managers are the soul.

Our communities are made up of diverse, passionate, savvy individuals with voices we trust. From San Francisco and Seattle, all the way to Tulsa, Tampa and Toronto, we are everywhere! We continue to be extremely grateful for each individual, all of our squads, and the opportunity to engage both online and off.  We bring folks together to experience great local businesses and create extraordinary memories together.

CM Week is a special time each year where all of our Community Managers come together at Yelp HQ in San Francisco. We share learnings and best practices, but mostly when we come together, we spend our time celebrating and brainstorming how to make the Community experience even more remarkable in the future.

When tasked with summing up Community in one word, our North American CM team came up with different, yet powerful, statements. Whether it’s friendship and giggles, love and acceptance, or dancing and nightcaps, our sentiments can’t help but make you smile.

Elites, as you submit your re-nomination to the mighty Yelp Elite Council and tell them why you’re ready for another badge in 2018, remember that each and every one of you makes up a useful, funny and cool part of your community.