Thanksgiving All Year Long: A Whole New Level of Turkey Sandwiches

With another delightful and delicious Thanksgiving come and gone, we can’t help but count down the days to the next time we can indulge on our favorite pies, Turkey, and mouthwatering sides. If you find yourself dreaming in spoonfuls of yesterday’s sweet potato mash, stuffing and cranberry sauce, it turns out you’re in good company. We scoured Yelp data to find local businesses that serve Thanksgiving-themed food all year long, and the results are something to feast your eyes on. Here’s a list of top-rated shops serving up Thanksgiving dinner in an easy-to-eat formulation: sandwiches.

The Carving Board, Los Angeles

Try the Thanksgiving Dinner sandwich – Yelpers say it’s “out of this world!”

Lockdown Bar & Grill, Chicago, IL

Cody G. on Yelp says, “it’s the best Thanksgiving flavored turkey burger I’ve ever had in my life…and if you know me and the amount of burgers I’ve had in my life, that’s a lot.”

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, Las Vegas, NV

Order The Bobbie. Yelp user Martin R. says, “This place serves THE BEST turkey sub, period.”

Pop’s Sandwich Shop, San Francisco, CA

Yelper Sherilynn M. says, “The turkey cranberry sandwich here is so good, it actually inspired my boyfriend and I to start making it at home.”

Krauses Lite Fare, Baltimore, MD

Yelper Alice H. says, “The owner makes sure that his turkey is high quality – they roast the birds every morning. If you talk to the him, he’ll tell you how he has perfected the roasting process and how even 5 minutes over cooked makes a huge difference. I have to respect a guy (who) cares that much about roasting his birds properly.”

Neillio’s Gourmet Kitchen, Lexington MA

The Turkey Terrific sandwich. Yelper Tom B. describes it as “Thanksgiving all in one bite.”

Earl of Sandwich, Las Vegas, NV

Yelp user Robert P. says it “basically tastes like leftover Thanksgiving in your mouth.”

Lenwhich Sandwich, New York, NY

Yelper Sarah P. shares a snap of the Thanksgiving Turkey-wich. DELICIOUS.