San Antonio: Yelp Experience at Brew’s Lee Tea

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

Tea is one of the World’s biggest commodities. How do you like your tea? Well, SA’s very own Brew’s Lee Tea whips it up just how you like – boba, colorful, flavorful. Beautiful. Tea making is literally an art.

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

The San Antonio Elite squad were treated by the Husband and Wife Duo that created the mecca of teas featured at Brew’s Lee Tea. From learning the process of brewing and making the teas, to tasting them our Yelpers were pleasantly welcomed with a variety of teas and boba. The ambiance, the tea, and the Taiwanese inspired bites that were served up made this Yelp Experience unique, intimate and, of course – unforgettable. The squad was especially delighted by the friendly hosts, their use of real tea leaves instead of powders and artificial flavors and kindness. Brew’s Lee is another gem in San Antonio to meet a friend, work on a poem, study for that exam and more.

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

Don’t take our word for it though, check out the amazing reviews of the event and spectacular photos of this evening.

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