Yelp NYC’s Summer Guide 2018

Despite what your social media feeds tell you, not everyone in New York has the luxury of living in Southampton for three straight months starting in June. And even if they did – so what?! – summer in and around the city is fun if you don’t mind frequent rat encounters and the smell of boiling hot garbage outside your stoop. Here, we’ve compiled several summer-y ideas to partake in throughout New York and New Jersey to reverse the FOMO you’ll experience watching your friends frolic in the Adriatic Seas of Croatia during Yacht Week.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect to find in Yelp NYC’s Summer Guide 2018:

Atlantic Yachting | 79th Street at Riverside Park

Perhaps all that day drinking aboard boats like North River Lobster Co., NYC Ferry, Grand Banks, etc. that appear in the 2018 Yelp Summer Guide has you itching for more. Simply being a bystander no longer excites you. That’s where Atlantic Yachting comes into play. Here, you’ll put your expert knot-tying abilities to task while sailing your own private yacht on the waters of New York like the true sailor you’ve always daydreamed of being. Sadly, DJ Khaled nor open bottles of Veuve Clicquot come standard on these excursions.

Rooftop Reds | 299 Sands Street inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Hop over to the Navy Yard for a relaxing spot to sip rosé on a rooftop amongst their very own vines. This is New York City’s only commercially viable urban winery, people!

Nowadays | 56-06 Cooper Avenue in Ridgewood

Nowadays opened as a seasonal outdoor bar, restaurant, party haven, and hang-out in the summer by the crew from Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday (some of the most fun dance parties in the city). In addition to fun outdoor music, Nowadays features ping pong, bocce ball, and more entertainment under the sun.

Sands Point Preserve | 95 Middle Neck Road

The Sands Point Preserve on the original Guggenheim Estate is one of the best spots on the Island for a picnic and long hike. The well-maintained trails wrap through the woods and along the beach giving you wonderful views of the Gold Coast. Don’t miss out on the mansion tour, where you’ll hear all about this 219-acre ‘summer retreat’ and most likely hate the one-percenters just a bit more than you did earlier in the day.

Sussex County Sunflower Maze | 101 County Road in Branchville, NJ

The Sussex County Sunflower maze is one of the largest sunflower fields on the East Coast. These beauties aren’t in full bloom all summer long, but if you make the trip when the time is right, you can see nearly 1.5 million sunflowers. You can thank us later for the record Instagram likes.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Surf City in Jersey City opens May 17th, not June 21st as originally reported.