Yelp Features That Can Help Make Your Business Stand Out

Whether you’re attracting new customers or maintaining relationships with regulars, communication is key. Engage with your customers by utilizing these Yelp features:

Stand out by offering promotions.

Yelp Deals are prepaid vouchers that users can purchase to get a discount (i.e. $10 for $20) at your business and a great way to get new customers to try you out! Yelp Deals are free to set up and you only pay when customers purchase your deal. They only take a minute to create and go live on Yelp instantly.

Check-In Offers are another free tool you can use to reward your most loyal customers. By “checking in,” Yelp users unlock an offer and also broadcast that they’re at your business to their friends!

Give your Yelp page a new look.

Upgrading your Yelp page with a photo slideshow is a great way to showcase your products and services. Yelp users love to see photos before deciding on which business to patronize, including before and after images for the Beauty & Spa or Home Services categories or favorite dishes at restaurants.

Yelp’s Call to Action button is a feature that allows you to promote a desired action directly on your Yelp page, such as “Book Now” or “Learn More.” Make sure to use this feature to take consumers from browsing, to buying!

Geo-target Yelp users with a custom message.

Yelp Ads allow business owners to reach people searching for what you offer. Distance Targeting allows you to determine how far away to show Yelp Ads. Whether your business targets customers searching near or far, this feature makes sure your ads are shown for the regions you specify! Have a great review you want to show off? You can select a review to highlight the best of your business or write a message of your own! With Custom Ads, you’re in control and you can experiment to see which message works best for your business.

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Connecting with your customers takes time and effort, and these Yelp features are here to help. Get started by visiting