New You Before The New Year Event Series

Yelp is all about connecting people with great local businesses and what many people don’t realize is that we host some of the best parties around town for our users. From menu tastings to axe throwing, we get the Yelp community offline and out on the town spending time together IRL. One of the reasons why businesses host the Yelp Community is to garner feedback, both positive and constructive. Also, they want to meet the most active Yelpers in the area and show the community and the Yelp Elite Squad what makes their spot so dang special. Hopefully they do so in a fun way that sticks out and makes attendees want to return on their own. Back in November we put together an event series called New You Before The New Year. This two week long event series brought the community to businesses in the Denver area and pushed them to get started early on those resolutions. Read on!

To kick things off, we saw an entire pig breakdown, learned the art of sausage making, and sipped on local brews at our CMYE at Butcher’s Bistro. Paul Bunyon was hella jelly of our CMYE at DAGAR the following night. We cured the midweek blues with a private tasting event for Elites only at the YEE at Hi Tide. Elevated poke bowls? Yes please. Then our CMYE at Colorado Athletic Club brought out those fitness enthusiasts for a choice of classes and a post workout hang sesh.

The weekend started with a pizza party for the kiddos at the Little Yelper’s YEE at Dion’s. Brave folks also came out to enjoy a community shopping event for a good cause at the CMYE at J.Crew. We donated 7 coats to the Denver Rescue Mission and 27 pair of jeans for Blue Jeans Go Green. That’s some feel good vibes right there. To finish things off we had two Elite only tastings at Bonefish Grill’s Lakewood and Greenwood Village locations where they stuffed us silly and our final event gave you the chance to meet at local realtor and build your own gingerbread house. This CMYE Yelp House Party was super intimate and a total blast!

If there’s one thing Denver Elites and Yelpers alike love it’s getting together in real life and having a grand ol’ time supporting a local biz. We’re always hosting events in Denver and beyond so check out local events on Yelp. Curious about the Yelp Elite Squad? Learn more at!