Central Jersey’s Night Out At Arooga’s!

Arooga’s North Plainfield welcomed Elites with a feast! And once the food started, it really never stopped. We began with  pretzel bites and crab dip, pierogis, mozzarella triangles, tomato soup, and a salad. Yup, we started off with all of that. 

In between courses, we made sure to try some famous Aroogaritas that were so big you could swim in them. Not an Aroogarita guy or gal? I don’t really get it but no need to fret, Arooga’s has over 30 craft beers and a whole book of other delicious cocktails. There was something for everyone. 

Now, back to the food! Arooga’s prides themselves on their top notch ingredients. They use 100% Wagyu beef, cook with organic ingredients, and create all of their chef-prepared meals right there in house. No frozen wings, only the freshest and highest quality food. They also have vegan and vegetarian options that are actually insanely good. Did you hear that vegans, vegetarians, and people that just want a break from meat?! You don’t have to stick to a salad anymore! Their Impossible Burger was the hit of the night. Seriously…Elites and plus ones could not stop talking about it. Next was their faux wings that could fool the biggest carnivore you know. But now back to the meat, and I’ve lost place of what number course we are on. We wrapped up entrees with pulled pork sliders, cheeseburgers, and bone in wings. The cherry on top of an amazing night was the warm cookie with ice cream and a hot coffee. And then it was time to roll our Elites out happy and full. Check out the photos and reviews here!

So the next time you want to catch a game or just head out for a few drinks and a really good bite to eat, you now know where to go to get it all.
Thank you so much to Arooga’s North Plainfield for hosting us!