Tampa Bay’s Sixth Annual Yelpies Awards

Ah, the start of a new year. That could only mean one thing- the Yelpies! On January 17, about 200 Yelpers dressed to the theme of Vintage New York and celebrated another fantastic Yelp year. American Social rolled out the metaphorical red carpet for the glamorous guests, as they provided the perfect waterfront backdrop to this splendid affair. From Goat Cheese Croquettes to Pork Belly Empanadas, Cucumber Fizzes to Dragonberry Mojitos, Yelpers ate and drank to their heart’s content. To cap off the debonair affair, awards were given out to some of Tampa Bay’s most prolific members of the Yelp community!

Congratulations go out to:

Reviewer of the Year – Boon C.

Photographer of the Year – Brian M.

Complimenter of the Year – Susan T.

Keeping Yelp Useful – Nick S.

Rookie of the Year – Sele G.

Newbie Impact Award – Sele G.

Veteran Impact Award – Boon C.

Writer of the Year – Dianna B.

Couple of the Year – Mel R. and Melony R.

Best UYE Host – Chris W.

Friendliest Yelper – Boon C.

Funniest Yelper – Nick S.

Coolest Yelper – Joel H.

Yelptime Achievement Award – Melony R.

Gotta know more? Check out all the reviews of the event here and thumb through all the chic photos on the Yelp Tampa Bay Facebook Page.

Thanks To Our Sponsors

American Social and C. David Schneider for the photography