Central Jersey’s Throw Down At Bury The Hatchet

Bury the Hatchet invited Yelp Elites to their Matawan location for a good ol’ fashion Throw Down, and throw down we did! I wouldn’t mess with any of our Central Jersey Elites because it turns out they are all super good at throwing an axe. First, we fueled up with a mountain of burritos from Moe’s Southwest Grill. These mini burritos were the perfect way to start the night. Along with those, Moe’s made sure Elite’s didn’t go without some veggies with a yummy salad and, to wrap up, bags upon bags of desert chips. They also provided Elites with their thirst quenching juices to sip on all night. It wasn’t long before we were good and full and ready to burn it off with some axe chucking.

Bury the Hatchet Axe Masters showed us how to throw your hatchet and how to do it safely and it wasn’t long before we were hitting bullseyes! They showed off with a couple trick shots as we gazed upon them in awe. In between throws, we took advantage of all the fun Bury the Hatchet has to offer and mixed in a couple games of giant Connect Four and giant Jenga. Basically everything giant and, hey, no complaints here. A few of our Axe Masters had a couple riddles up their sleeves and tested our Elites with a couple escape-room-esque games.

Check out the reviews here and the photos here.

A huge thank you to Bury the Hatchet Matawan for hosting this amazing event and Moe’s Southwest Grill for making sure we were good and full. And let’s not forget Peter Bottini Photography for setting up a great photo booth and getting some incredible shots from the night.