And the Yelpie goes to…

With each passing year, we see members of the Yelp community produce more and more useful, funny and cool content all around the world. Each year, Yelp Community Managers and Community Ambassadors around North America host The Yelpies, which honor some of the most prolific members of their community. These fine folks are true Yelp diehards when it comes to writing fabulous reviews and taking high-quality photos. They’re also usually very familiar faces at Yelp events in their cities! Take a look below at some of the folks who took home some prestigious hardware this year.


John E – Veteran Impact

John hit black badge status this year and continues to play an important role in the Yelp Atlanta community. In 2018 alone John shared 79 reviews accompanied by 1,465 photos. He has a lifetime of 723 reviews and 9,337 photos. John is always welcoming to newbies and is friendly to Yelpers. He is also one of our resident beer connoisseurs! We are grateful to have John as a part of our Yelp fam! – Sarah S, Atlanta CM


Angela S – Yelptime Achievement

Angela has been an Elite for nine years. As soon as I met her I knew she had a huge heart for Yelp and her community! Her smile can light up a room. She loves to greet new Yelpers and continues to exude all things that make a great Elite. She was chosen by her peers to receive the Yelptime Achievement Award! – Kellie M, Atlanta OTP CM


Jenn C – Reviewer of the Year

After a Yelpie last year as the Rookie Of The Year, Jenn took on the challenge in her second year with the badge to become the Reviewer Of The Year. She has not only taken the Elite Squad to new levels this past year, but she did it while also planning a wedding. Jenn loves the city she lives in and loves sharing about it through Yelp. – Will B, Birmingham CM


Steven M – Reviewer of the Year

Steven M. is a Canadian transplant living in Buffalo that embodies the Yelp life with his girlfriend Tianna (who is also Elite). He had over 400 high quality reviews last year, averaging more than one review per day! – Alex L, Buffalo CM


Amy Lauren S – Yelptime Achievement

Amy Lauren is a well deserving candidate for the Yelptime Achievement Award this year. As a seven year elite, she’s been around since day one. That’s no exaggeration either… she was at Charleston’s first ever Yelp Elite Event! Since then, she’s written almost 700 reviews, snapped thousands of photos and is a friendly face at countless Yelp events. – Scotty C, Charleston CM


Julie T – Yelptime Achievement

They say a photo is worth 1,000 words. For the last four years Julie has been taking snapshots of our events, capturing moments in time that would otherwise be forgotten. Dozens of events. Thousands of photos. Thousands. Of. Photos. Aside from the last few years of photographing our events, she’s also been an exceptional member of our community. As a nine year Elite, Julie was one of the very first Elites in South Florida, paving the road for what would eventually become Yelp Broward-Palm Beach and Yelp Fort Lauderdale. I guess you could say she’s been *developing* the community, since before she had a Nikon around her neck. – Blue A, Fort Lauderdale CM


Mike S – Yelptime Achievement

Mike S. is awesome! Like his profile says, he’s “your friendly next door yelper!” Mike received his 10 year black badge in 2019! With over 500 reviews and almost as many friends, Mike is a model contributor with wonderfully detailed reviews and useful photos. – Michelle P, Greenville CA


Mailini A – Yelper of the Year

Malini has been an active Elite in Harrisburg for three years now but in the past couple of years she’s really picked up steam and turned Yelp into her own travel journal, taking us with her to where she eats and plays. She provides vibrant photos of her journey and ensures that we don’t miss a step. She’s active both online and in person at events. It’s always a pleasure to see her smiling face at events. – Kristina G, Harrisburg CA


Ariel N – Reviewer of the Year

When Ariel hit the Yelp scene in 2018, he made a name for himself by actively contributing reviews and photos, while bringing his signature, infectious attitude at Yelp events. Anyone who knows him knows he can light up a room in a second, especially with his famous selfies. He’s been an asset to the Jax community ever since and makes everyone around him feel like a million bucks. – Matt C, Jacksonville CM


Tiffany H – Yelptime Achievement

Tiffany is an eight-year Elite who’s Yelped all over the world and has been a member of several Yelp Elite Squads around the U.S. starting with Los Angeles, then Indianapolis and most recently the Yelp Kalamazoo squad, which covers much of Southwest Michigan. She says Yelp has been such a blessing in helping her find her tribe when she’s moved to new communities. Last year, Tiffany wrote at least one review per day, each one of them beautifully written and full of the most helpful, “Yelpy” details. A regular event attendee at Yelp Kalamazoo area events, Tiffany is a treasured part of our local Yelp community and is participating in our Yelp Helps volunteer initiative this winter. In addition to winning the Yelptime Achievement Award at our first annual Yelpies award ceremony, she also took home the Yelpers’ Choice Award for the “Most Cool” Yelper. In her review of the Yelpies event, Tiffany said it was “so touching” to be honored with this award: “In all my years of Yelping (since 2009!), I’ve never experienced anything like this!” – Beth C, Kalamazoo CA


Sergio F – Yelptime Achievement

Hailing from the City of Progress, Hialeah, Sergio is no stranger to all things Yelp Miami. He has been a tremendous part of the Yelp Miami Community since 2011. Whether you attend your first event, or your 100th–if Sergio is there, he is sure to greet you with a smile, find out if you have a dog and make sure you have a great time. Sergio represents what it is to be Elite, and what it means to love the Magic City–in fact, last year’s Inaugural “Dale Award” was awarded to him for shining a light on all things that make Miami so unique with his useful, funny and cool reviews. He’s written 1,405 reviews since he started Yelping and over 164 this year–making him a one of the most active members of the community and a reviewer of all things! – Diandra L, Miami CM


Rick R – Model Elite of the Year

In his 8th year on the Yelp Elite Squad, Rick is an absolutely remarkable member of our Yelp Community. He’s known as a fantastic foodie about town (and he’s definitely that!), but he also reviews all types of businesses. From grocery stores and car washes to dentists and dry cleaners—Rick is constantly shining with his love of local. He’s also one of the most welcoming faces at any Yelp event. For newbies, Rick is the first one to jump in and show them the Elite event ropes. He’s an absolute gem of our community, so it’s no surprise that newbie Elites voted him as the 2018 Model Elite of the Year! – Ophelia M, Milwaukee CM


Paul L – Writer of the Year

Oh, boy! Let me tell you about Yelp Orlando’s Writer of the Year Yelpies award winner, Paul L! Not only is he rocking a highly coveted black badge on his profile (signifying 10-plus years of being an Elite Yelper), but he’s enjoying his second year in a row winning a Yelpie award! And beyond the numbers, where Paul dominates with his constant and consistent local love on Yelp, both his 2017 and 2018 Yelpies were voted on by the Orlando Yelp Elite community! Play well with others? Might as well put this at the top of his resume, because Paul is an OG Elite who welcomes newbies and shows them what it means to be useful, funny, and cool. Restauranteurs know him for his eloquent and generous words and Yelpers know him for his shining smile! We’re lucky to have Paul on the Yelp Orlando Elite Squad! – Andi P, Orlando CM


Melony R – Yelptime Achievement

Melony is one half of the infamous Yelp Elite couple Mel R^2. Melony is often the Yelper who will go out of her way to welcome newcomers at events. She lives her life by the motto that nobody is a stranger. In addition to being a friendly face, Melony is one killer Yelper as well. This is her fifth year being Elite (gold Elite, woop woop). In just this past year she has written 109 reviews and added 596 pictures. She has also sent 232 compliments and always one to make the site better, she has submitted 21 biz changes. – Christina G, Tampa Bay CM


Melody M – Yelptime Achievement

It’s no surprise that Melody M won the Yelptime Achievement Award at this year’s Vancouver Yelpies. Melody has been an active member of the Vancouver community since 2010 and achieved the coveted black Elite badge this year. Ten years later and she is still well known around the community for her honest reviews, big smile, friendly persona and warm hugs at events. Melody embodies the true spirit of being a Yelp Elite and always preaches the importance of community and friendship. Yelp Vancouver is so grateful for your positive energy and everything you’ve contributed over the last 10 years. Thank you, Melody! – Issabelle F, Vancouver CM

Whether you live in one of these metros or you plan on visiting soon, don’t be shy–send that friend request and a “congrats” on the big win! You’ll definitely be in good hands when it comes to scoring some of the best recommendations that their city has to offer!