Silva’s Meats the Elites in Santa Ana!

From tri-tips to sirloins, chicken and even sausage, there was no shortage of food during our Elite event at Silva’s Fresh Eatery + Churriscara in Santa Ana. Yelpers packed their plates (and bellies) with the tender offerings, delicious sides and those unforgettable nuggets of cheese bread while imbibing on their choice of beer, wine and signature caipirinhas. As the feast concluded, cups of passionfruit mousse hit the tables before guests had to tap out, declaring that they were not only in a food coma, but excited to do it all again real soon.

Relive the 5-star experience by reading the reviews or check out the Facebook gallery courtesy of Meg Elise Photography!

A big thanks to Silva’s Fresh Eatery + Churriscaria for being such amazing hosts! You too can experience these slices of meaty heaven with their $22.95 all-you-can-eat special that’s offered daily!